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Pulleys with Springs

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Jp 360.png
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Relying on the latest technology for its development, the JP 360 pulley brings with it the newest inventions in sliding system for sliding doors. Designed to provide greater comfort and safety, the JP 360 pulley is ideal for those looking for quality.

Cópia_de_segurança_de_CATÁLOGO 2021 ATUALIZADO.png

It has its innovative and exclusive confined spring system, which completely prevents the spring from escaping the structure or leaving its axis. Located in the shield of the pulley structure, it allows the action of its anti-derailment system, correcting imperfections in the rail together. Lots of resistance, and at the same time, smooth glide.

Its mechanism release button located on top of the fairing is easy to access. Designed for greater efficiency in use, even after a door is installed on the furniture, it is possible to arm and disarm the system with a simple superior touch.

JP 85.png
jp85 -Ambiente.jpg
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Built-in pulley, the JP 85 is the best option for those looking for quality and excellent finishing in their furniture. It has a flat spring system and a 40mm diameter wheel with bearing, providing maximum smoothness when sliding the door.


Its anti-derailment system brings greater safety in use. It has a screw for adjusting and aligning the doors on the top of the piece, which can be easily adjusted without removing the door from the furniture.

Fits 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 25mm ports.

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